Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are complicated topics that are misrepresented by the media time and time again. While that may not be an issue for the average media consumer, the distorted nature of AI and machine learning would eventually make its way to young professionals and potential investors. 

When it is time to announce a brand new tech that relies primarily on AI or machine learning, in addition to the announcement, you will need a way to clear up any misunderstandings the audience may have, and replace them with solid knowledge and realistic expectations.

Unfortunately, doing so is easier said than done. You would need a skilled speaker who’s able to cover the basics of the topic with language that suits the audience, as well as the ability to answer both curious and misinformed questions.

It Is Not Just Tech

AI, robotics, and machine learning are a few of the rare technological topics that branch out into other areas. A talk about the future of AI and machine learning that does not include the philosophical, economic, and moral angles of the subject is — at best — lacking.

The keynote speaker at your event needs to be able to cover all the angles regarding AI such as the possibility of achieving consciences in the foreseeable future and the moral and economic implications. They need to be able to get the point across without relying on the inaccurate approaches and cliches often used by mainstream media.

The Future of AI and Machine Learning

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was first coined in 1956 by the American computer scientist John McCarthy, and earlier concepts have been in the making for decades before that. But what used to be purely theoretical work with little to no real-world applications in the 20th century, is now making its way into mainstream tech and used by consumers and enterprises alike.

Machine learning and AI work hand in hand to produce the latest technological innovations and develop algorithms to be implemented in critical and sensitive areas like healthcare and self-driving cars. The talk about their future cannot be postponed any longer, especially if participation from the public is wanted and, in some instances, needed.

Finding the Right Speakers

Finding the right speakers for such an event, seminar, or workshop can be tricky. You not only need a speaker who’s proficient in AI and machine learning but also knowledgeable in the abstract topics the speech may lead to, all whilst being an overall good speaker with the ability to keep the audience engaged.

At Prophets of AI, we have curated AI, consciences, and robotics experts all of whom are prominent in their fields. Our speakers' skills do not end in the technical realm, they are able to engage audiences in discourse and start the much-needed conversation about the possible futures of AI, robotics, and machine learning.

Whether you are looking to cover the economic angle on the rise of AI and robotics in manufacturing, or consciences, morality, and philosophy, you are sure to find the right speakers for your events with us.

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