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Aidan Meller

Artistic Robot Pioneer
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Is AI a positive or negative force?
What is the goal of the AI-Da Robot project?
Public discussions about AI and ethics, and AI and creativity are important. How does Ai-Da help in these aims?

“Ai-Da creates art and encourages us to think

more deeply about questions of creativity,

and the discussion of ethics in the use of AI.


 “Ai-Da addresses the question of creativity-

what does it mean for our self-evaluation 

when Ai-Da, a machine robot creates drawings and art?”

As a machine, with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Ai-Da’s persona is the artwork, along with her drawings, performance art and collaborative paintings and sculptures. As conceptual art, Ai-Da encourages us to reconsider our self-perception through the lens of a humanoid.
With her humanoid appearance, Ai-Da helps engage people in the urgent conversations surrounding ethics and AI - how can we best ensure these new technologies are used responsibly?
Meller's Ai-Da robot is completed:

Aidan Meller



The Old World of art meets the future in Aiden Meller. Meller is the director of two renowned galleries set like jewels in historic settings: one amid the grey spires of Oxford, the second in an Elizabethan manor that inspired “The Wind in the Willows.” The galleries display top works from prestigious artists, from Pablo Picasso to Auguste Rodin.

Yet Meller has a foot in two worlds. He’s also the creator of Ai-Da, the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist.

Ai-Da has compellingly beautiful eyes and sometimes wears a scarf draped on her mechanical shoulders. Viewing the world through cameras in her eyes, Ai-Da interprets what she sees in original paintings, drawings and performance art. Her paintings are vivid designs that resemble Cubism.

One reason Meller created Ai-Da is to explore the relationship between humans and machines. Is Ai-Da art because she was created, or an artist because she creates? Is she a character in her own right or an avatar of her creator?

Meller studied art history and trained at Sotheby’s. While traveling in Europe, he met a group of artists who showed him how dramatically art can transform one’s worldview.

An expert who’s appeared on the BBC and Sky News, Meller gives tours of Old Masters and modern classics in his remarkable gallery. He has established the Aiden Meller Art Prize for the development of the arts.

"The whole point of [the Ai-Da] project is to engage audiences to question where future technologies are going," he says. While Ai-Da is still a controversial figure in the art world, Meller says she is a product of her time, just as any artist.

Meller suggests that all artists have an imperative task: to reflect the society of the time in which they live. “Leonardo (da Vinci) reflected the Renaissance at the time. Andy Warhol in the 60’s, reflected manufacturing and the rise of consumerism...Ai-Da reflects the technological uses that we're using today.”


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