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Anahita Moghaddam

The Upside of Human Potential
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How can an understanding of the relationship between mind and life bring about human flourishing?
Why do pro-social qualities render a leader “intelligent,” in the true meaning of the word, and create the basis for lasting business success?
How can we leverage the reality of infinite possibility and openness to actualize the upside of human potential in a systematic and secular way?

“My highest aspiration is to achieve the complete realization

of my human potential and leverage the fullest expression of intelligence

available to the human being that I am.”


“This book, written by HH Dalai Lama, encapsulates the teachings of the ‘Middle Way’ philosophy of Buddhism.

It is my reminder to seek the middle ground.”

To actualize integration and remain unwaveringly dedicated to the process of becoming fully human. The Middle Way advises to seek an understanding of reality by way of critical reasoning, or what the Dalai Lama calls 'curious skepticism' while simultaneously cultivating an open heart.
The inseparable union of love and wisdom, to me, are what render a human being intelligent. This book is my constant companion. A reminder to seek the middle ground. To actualize integration and remain unwaveringly dedicated to the process of becoming fully human.
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Anahita Moghaddam



Anahita Moghaddam, dynamic thought leader and coach, believes that pursuing happiness is our fundamental purpose as human beings. Yet humans, she boldly claims, are fraught with unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Do we have the ability to bridge the difference? 

Moghaddam comes to challenge the uneasy truths that she believes pervade the human condition. 

She has faith that each person has the ability to heal the damage caused by our flawed pursuits toward the inauthentic. 

That dysfunction infects our interpersonal relationships and drives global unrest.

That only when we conquer our “low self-awareness, perpetual compromise, and the absence of self-compassion,” will we be able to solve the problems that plague our planet. 

But she also believes there’s a path forward, and that the power to reach it exists within every one of us. 

If we are to ensure the continuation of life on the planet, Moghaddam asserts that it will require a collective cultivation of pro-social emotions and wholesome mental states — lofty tasks for a species she says is entirely dissatisfied. 

By nature, we chase happiness fruitlessly, she says, weighing our so-called successes against societal expectations, disconnected from the true awareness that might set us free. 

Still, she firmly believes in the human capacity for reaching a level of self-awareness and interconnectedness that will provide the necessary nourishment for healing our individual and global dysfunctions. 

Drawing on her knowledge and understanding of psychology, neuroscience, and Eastern philosophy, Moghaddam applies a systems perspective to a framework for understanding how to interpret and consider our own consciousness.


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The Upside of Human Potential
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