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Andreas Welsch

Business in the 21st Century
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What’s truth vs. hype in a world buzzing with AI promises?
What roles do we play in an AI-driven future and on the path to getting there?
How can we trust AI and our instinct what it means to be human?

“In AI, as in game shows, timing is critical.”


“The buzzer is not just about giving an answer quickly, but about the imperative to think critically and act wisely before hitting it.”

“It serves as both a warning and a call to action, capturing the urgency and opportunity of turning AI hype into outcome.”
Founded podcast, "What's the BUZZ?"

Andreas Welsch


Andreas Welsch, a distinguished luminary in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), stands as a globally recognized leader in the software industry. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, his expertise extends beyond the realms of conventional tech, delving into the profound and intricate world of AI. In an era where AI is both lauded as a game-changer and feared as a job-eliminator, Welsch emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards leveraging AI for tangible, transformative outcomes.

In the journey of implementing AI in business, Andreas Welsch eloquently underscores the enthralling yet intricate nature of this endeavor. He emphasizes that AI is not a magical panacea but a sophisticated tool that demands strategic and judicious utilization. With a wealth of experience as the leader of the AI Center of Excellence and AI go-to-market strategy at SAP, the world's premier business application provider, Welsch has lent his invaluable insights to over 80 innovation projects for Fortune 100 companies.

Welsch's profound understanding extends beyond the technical facets of AI; he grasps its profound implications on the human workforce. AI's transformation of the workplace is not confined to tech hubs but extends across legal, medical, educational, and other domains. Welsch passionately advocates that AI is not the enemy but a catalyst for innovation, urging businesses to adopt a discerning approach. His mission is to humanize AI, bridging the gap between technology and its human stakeholders.

In the realm of AI, Welsch's focus transcends mere technology adoption; he champions the importance of building trust among employees and stakeholders. He believes that involving those affected by AI in the change process, coupled with comprehensive training programs, can foster AI literacy and improve collaboration. These steps contribute to cultivating an "AI mindset" within organizations, ultimately ensuring that AI serves as a tool to enhance products and profitability.

Andreas Welsch serves as an indispensable interpreter of modern technology for the business world, untangling the complexities of AI. In an age where hype can be blinding, he advocates for a measured, outcome-driven approach. Recognizing that not all AI projects realize their full potential, he underscores the necessity of looking beyond the buzz and narrative constructs, positioning AI as a profoundly human topic. To him, the essence of AI lies not in technology but in its profound implications for humanity, a theme he masterfully articulates in his pursuit of transforming AI hype into tangible outcomes.

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Andreas Welsch

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