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How can entrepreneurs and innovators retain clear thinking in the heat of battle, with inadequate information and suffocating stress levels?
People who claim to accurately predict the future are charlatans, and those who trust them end up stunned by what actually happens. So, how can you be prepared for an uncertain future?
How can you manage a small team of mavericks, iconoclasts, contrarians, and dreamers to thoroughly trounce the competition?

“Our AI is smart because we taught it how to think, not what to think; ironically, we usually do the opposite with our children.


        “In the past 50 years, I have been 

         an insider at dozens of startups 

          and a few large companies."

Every success I encountered grew out of clear thinking, unclouded by denial.
Every failure I saw had succumbed to self-imposed, but curable, blindness.
Doug Glen becomes Executive Director at Hanson Robotics:

Doug Glen



Doug Glen, Executive Director of Hanson Robotics, has spent 35 years as an investor and entrepreneur in technology, media, and entertainment. An MIT graduate, he’s experienced the myriad of ways that AI and robotics are revolutionizing our world. And he’s optimistic about the way it’s going.

“We have a world that needs saving, and our best and brightest will be working on it,” he says.

He’s also enthusiastic about the role that robots will play. “The limit to the intelligence that robots can acquire is well beyond that of a human,” he said. But this intelligence should not grow in isolation. To build the “right kind of AI,” it’s important to make sure it’s regularly exposed to humans, he added.

That’s been key in the formative growth of Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot and the world’s first robot citizen. Sophia fascinates because she’s a fictional character, robot ambassador, and engineering marvel. She’s been used for research in the Loving AI project, which studies how robots can convey unconditional love to humans by adapting to the needs of each person.

Glen is a visionary who sees the big picture of how the future is being shaped. He’s occupied a central role in several groundbreaking, creative industries. He was CEO of Imagi Animation Studios, Chief Strategy Officer of Mattel Toys, Group Vice President of Sega of America, and General Manager of LucasArts Entertainment. He’s also a venture capitalist who founded several high-tech startups. His work has been praised as foundational to many forward-thinking, greatly successful endeavors.


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