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What are the promises and perils of Generative Artificial Intelligence?
How will Artificial Intelligence change the way we work, play, and live?
Which industries and professions are best positioned to benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

“The first portable tablet computer, which I co-invented in 1990.


“This groundbreaking mobile product expanded people’s understanding of computers by manipulating information directly on a screen, instead of requiring a keyboard and mouse. It led to the development of the smartphone and other innovations.”

Kaplan founds GO Corporation:

Jerry Kaplan


Jerry Kaplan's journey is a symphony of ingenuity, an odyssey through the uncharted realms of technology and artificial intelligence. Born with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he merged the wisdom of history and philosophy with the mysteries of computer science.

In the 1980s, he co-founded Teknowledge, a visionary enterprise that illuminated the path to AI's future. Together with a brilliant team, they harnessed the power of expert systems and AI applications, revealing the promise of machines that could rival human intellect.

But Kaplan's quest for innovation knew no bounds. With audacity and courage, he forged a new frontier, birthing GO Corporation. This daring venture sought to rewrite the very fabric of human-computer interaction with pen computing—a concept that seemed as if plucked from the pages of science fiction.

Though GO Corporation's commercial success eluded them, their legacy became the seed that sprouted into the touchscreen devices we wield today, shaping how we interact with technology.

Beyond the realm of business, Kaplan became a maestro of enlightenment. At Stanford University's hallowed halls, he taught the gospel of artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship, nurturing the minds of future luminaries in the tech domain.

His teachings, like ink on parchment, left an indelible mark on eager souls, igniting the flames of ambition in their hearts. But Kaplan's voice did not stop at the lecture hall.

With the quill of a master wordsmith, he penned tomes that exposed the enigma of entrepreneurship. In "Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure," the world glimpsed the trials and triumphs of a visionary, inspiring others to embark on their own odysseys.

Yet, Kaplan's story was not merely a monologue—it was a dialogue with the universe. With words, he painted the canvas of innovation, inviting others to join him on the journey.

But as his star ascended, Kaplan's conscience remained steadfast. With great power came greater responsibility, and he became a champion for ethical AI development. He urged the world to ponder the implications of technology and to tread carefully on the path of progress.

In the ever-changing symphony of human progress, Jerry Kaplan's melody remains a resounding chorus of brilliance, a tapestry woven with threads of entrepreneurship, technological vision, and the unwavering call for ethical responsibility. His legacy will forever inspire the world to explore the uncharted territories of possibility, guided by the light of knowledge and driven by a profound sense of purpose.


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