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Ott Velsberg

Building A Digital Society
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How can a government leverage AI to improve public service delivery and governance?
How do emergent technologies support the evolution of human-centric governance?

“What would describe the characteristics and features of the next-generation e-government?


“Today one device can be a transformative gateway to AI, 

empowering individuals to reshape the world with their ingenuity 

and harness the limitless potential of artificial intelligence.”

Ott Velsberg became Estonia's Chief Data Officer:

Ott Velsberg



Dr. Ott Velsberg holds a Ph.D. in Informatics from Umea University, where his research has concentrated on the Internet of Things and data-driven decision making within the public sector. He assumed the role of Estonia's Chief Data Officer in 2018, overseeing the development and implementation of the nation's data policy. He serves as a key figure, leading policies on digital innovation and data utilization.

As Estonia’s Chief Data Officer, Velsberg has played a pivotal role in advancing the nation's digital transformation strategy. His visionary leadership and expertise have revolutionized the country’s operations, leveraging AI and analytics for promising results.

One example is the machine learning project, Burokratt, which reimagines bureaucratic processes with automated workflows, intelligent decision making systems, and innovative governance models. Burokratt showcases Estonia's commitment to applying technology-driven approaches to enrich its citizens' lives and establish more streamlined communication with its policymakers.

Velsberg has also championed projects on open data, AI, and innovation, advocating for evidence based policies and fostering breakthroughs across multiple sectors.

With his deep understanding of technology and commitment to leveraging data for societal benefit, Ott Velsberg remains at the forefront of the digital revolution, earning a well deserved reputation in public service and digital innovation.

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Ott Velsberg

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Building A Digital Society
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