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Tim Ash

Evolutionary Psychology Unleashed
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What are the myths that we tell ourselves about human exceptionalism?
How can we explain our deeply emotional and irrational behaviors?
How does evolutionary psychology govern our thoughts and actions?

“I co-create a world of 

peace, safety, and love 

through joyful expression and service.”


“There has never been a practical handbook for being human. In my latest book I explore and decode what all 8,000,000,000 people on the planet have in common.”

I retrace the development of life and brains to expose the powerful instincts shared with other animals, as well as the recent and bizarre overlays that make us such a dominant species.
Our hyper-social natures and the need to polarize into tribes are both the root of our success and the force that has brought us to the brink of extinction.
Ash begins seven years of PhD work in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego - leading to a lifetime of decoding human behavior:

Tim Ash



Tim Ash is a pioneer of both artificial intelligence and the understanding of the evolutionary roots of human behavior.

After attending University of California, San Diego (UCSD) on a full UC Regents academic scholarship, he received undergraduate degrees with highest distinction in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science. 

He was in the vanguard of early AI development. Attracted to the intellectual hothouse of UCSD in the late 1980s, he stayed in the PhD program for seven years and conducted cutting edge research in neural networks.

After graduate school, Tim spearheaded the discipline of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and applied the art and science of persuasion to internet marketing. He wrote two bestselling books on Landing Page Optimization, and chaired the international Conversion Conference event series. The agency that he founded created over $1,200,000,000 in documented value for companies such as Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, Humana, Siemens, and Cisco.

Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.

He has presented and keynoted at over 200 events across four continents. Tim is the author of three bestselling books which have been translated and published in a dozen editions. 

Tim has a thirst for sharing a deep understanding of human beings from an evolutionary perspective. He is a poet, photographer, and painter and lives life with a full and open heart.


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